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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

What we provide?

Rainbow Behavioural Therapies provides PBS consultancy, supervision and training services to supported living organisations, schools and families supporting individuals with ASD and other additional support needs including communication, emotional, social and behavioural needs.

What is PBS?

Positive Behaviour Support, or PBS, is an evidence-based behavioural science approach used in schools and residential/supported living setting. This is a system-wide approach meaning support is provided to a whole school or organisational system, to specific teaching groups/classroom or support service as well as to identified individuals, based on their level of need. The aim of PBS is to teach new strategies and skills to increase the quality of life of the individual, of those supporting the individual and the quality of the education/service systems in general too.

This approach involves:

  • Assessing ‘functional contextual fit’ (what is working to get needs met),
  • Increasing proactive strategies to increase quality of life and
  • Measure reduction in behaviours that challenge and restrictive practices as a by-product.
Positive Behaviour Support Training



1 day Introduction to PBS

2 day Intermediate training in PBS (need to have completed 1 day intro)

Active support training

Person-Centred Planning training

Practice leadership training

Train the trainer for active support, practice leadership and more

Bespoke Trainings


(support services and schools)

Assessment of organisation/school-wide needs

Assessment of individual support services/class-wide need

Assessment of individual client/student need

Functional assessments of behaviours that challenge

Periodic Service Review design and support

Support with strategic planning

Support with Person-Centred Planning

Bespoke Consultancy


This is offered for:

Senior Management Teams (SMTs)

Teaching Teams

Practice Leadership Teams

Service Managers

PBS Practitioners (including those seeking BTEC qualification)

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